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  • VPN Set up

  • Data Base Upgrades

  • Data Base Tuning

  • Virtual Machine Active Directory Set up

  • Security Enhancements

  • Data Migration

  • Implementation and Training

Our unique approach to discovering your company’s needs assists us in customizing your networking solutions to your company’s unique needs. At Cenbion, we understand that no two companies are alike and we strive to find the solution that is right for you. We have a unique group of professionals who think outside the box to come up with creative solutions to unique issues.


We work to ensure that all of your networking needs are met for all of your devices so that you can securely access your information from anywhere. We also have experience in assisting with setting up for remote employees which can play a vital role in disaster recovery because business can continue off site in the event of a natural disaster or event that prevents employees from being on location.


We also assist in Role Based Access to ensure that employees only have access to what they need. In the event of a security breach related to an individual due to malware, if the employee has more access than is necessary for their role, the threat could potentially cause more harm because it can access more information. We assist in limiting access based on the individuals who actually need it to ensure minimal damage should an event occur.


Mobile devices pose one of the highest vulnerabilities in a business because they can be lost or stolen while on the go. We help you put security measures in place so that should a device be lost; you can wipe all of the data from the devices remotely. We also assist in helping you manage updates and applications necessary for your business through remote deployments to both local and mobile devices.

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