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Environmental Monitoring

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Environmental monitoring does not have to be a time
consuming process nor do you have to risk millions of
dollars, research projects, your patients’ safety, or your
reputation because you don’t have the right solution in


Get rid of the manual process, remove human error,
and eliminate the chance that you may not catch a
dangerous environmental fluctuation in time.
Whether you are storing pharmaceuticals, organs,
tissues, or other bio-material, Track Environment keeps
your vital inventory safe, your institution compliant and
clear of potential investigations and fines.


Track Environment utilizes advanced technologies to
provide an efficient, stable, and secure. Our turnkey
system leverages your existing Wifi network through

a combination of wireless sensors and a powerful
cloud based monitoring platform.


Track Sensors connect to the Track Hub using
Bluetooth low energy. Our Sensors are based on the
CC2650 wireless MCU, offering 75% lower power
consumption than many comperable Bluetooth low
energy products. This allows the Track Sensors to be
battery powered offering up to years of run time from
a single coin cell battery.


Track sensors include monitoring of light, humidity,
movement, object temperature, and ambient
temperature. Alerts can be set based by group or
individual sensor locations. If the system detects a
failure, your team is alerted via SMS, email, visual
device readouts, and the web-based interface.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon
Image by National Cancer Institute
Image by Trust "Tru" Katsande
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