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Construction Solutions

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Cenbion specializes in working with construction companies of all shapes and sizes. We understand that it is important to streamline productivity and lower expenses both in the field and in the office. We can help you do both by ensuring that all information is available from any device anywhere as well as equipment tracking through RFID. 

How can IT services work for construction?

IT Assessment

We provide  intensive and holistic audit to assess and identify potential risks. We suggest opportunities for improved technical and organizational strategies to align with your business goals. 

We examine your complete infrastructure, security policies, licenses, and processes to implement a more effective and secure IT structure and remove unnecessary technology related costs while enhancing performance. 


Cyber Security Assessments

Unfortunately there are bad actors out there who want to cause companies harm through cyber attacks. In construction, you may think of criminal activity as theft or vandalism. However, with high mobility and employee turnover, it leaves construction companies vulnerable to cyber attacks if the proper security isn't in place. Cenbion runs an extensive risk assessment and walks you through the findings and provides the solutions to match your company's needs. 

Cloud Strategy, Office 365 Migration, and Licensing

Due to the high need for mobility in the construction industry because of multiple locations in various cities, a cloud based system is the ideal choice. Office 365 reduces the risk of cyber security risks and cost because it is already set up with security in mind. In addition, we will customize security policies to fit your company's unique needs. Cenbion makes this an easy and seamless process that will increase productivity and accessibility while lowering costs. 

Our ultimate goal is to streamline your business and lower costs. We will examine your company's unique needs and make recommendations that make sense for you while protecting your sensitive data.

We specialize in Active Directory and Role Based Access as well as user management. We believe that there is power in knowledge, so we will also teach you how to maintain permissions within your business in a secure way. 

File Sharing

Construction companies have a high demand for file sharing with clients, subcontractors, and other individuals due to the nature of the work. Cenbion works with Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) to allow authorized users the ability to safely and securely sync files both within and outside of the company.

Workflow and Process Mapping

Workflow and process mapping allows IT professionals to discover IT related issues and offer you the best solutions. With workflow and mapping, Cenbion can help you not only resolve issues, but also streamline processes to increase performance and productivity.


Radio Frequency Identification is one of the industry's best kept secrets. Cenbion can help you use this technology to track your equipment both in the warehouse and on the job site. It also reports downtime and GPS so in the event of a theft, you have a better chance of getting your equipment back because you can provide the location to law enforcement. 

RFID can also enhance employee safety because when working with heavy equipment and the machine gets too close to an object, it will send an alarm to the employee. It will also enhance employee tracking so you know who is at which job site at all times and no one is left behind. 

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile devices are one of your biggest assets and one of your largest security risks. Today, everything is fluid and requires a fast response which means your information has to be available to you at all times. Our mobile devices are a large part of our daily lives both personally and professionally. There is so much information stored on our mobile devices that it makes them a prime target for cyber attacks. Cenbion understands the need to protect, not only the user, but the company from these types of attacks. We can manage the security of your mobile devices remotely and in the event of a lost or stolen device, remote wipe it so that your information remains secure. 

Managed Cyber Security

It's important for any company to have a safe, reliable, and adaptive cyber security plan in place. A cyber attack can damage a company's reputation and cripple them financially and legally. Cenbion will take care of your business while you take care of your customers

Disaster Recovery

It's imperative to have a plan in place in case the unthinkable happens. Weather and natural disasters are always a concern in the construction industry, but another form of disaster is a cyber attack. Cenbion will help you create a disaster plan that ensures business continuity by ensuring your mission critical applications are up and running as quickly as possible. 

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