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Cenbion has nearly 20 years of experience working with medical professionals and organizations. We understand the need for Asset Management & Tracking as well as the need for privacy and the strict regulations that are attached including HIPPA. 

We also understand the demands and the stress that comes with working in the medical field. Our goal is to take away some of that stress by making sure that your systems are secure and you can easily track your products with RFID technology. 

Product tracking is an important way to save money. It alleviates lost products and product waste. We offer a bar code scanning system that allows you to track which products went to which patient as well as products that have a limited shelf life. 


With Environmental monitoring you can get rid of the manual process, remove human error, and eliminate the chance that you may not catch a dangerous environmental fluctuation in time. 


Whether you are storing pharmaceuticals, organs, tissues, or other biomaterial, Track Environment  keeps your vital inventory safe, your institution compliant and clear of potential investigations and fines.
Track Environment utilizes advanced technologies to provide an efficient, stable, and secure. Our turnkey system leverages your existing Wi-Fi network through a combination of wireless sensors and a powerful cloud based monitoring platform. 

There is nothing more important than ensuring the safety, privacy, and security of your organization and patients. Cenbion specializes in network security and has a team of certified HIPPA consultants spanning all over North America and beyond that are ready to assist you in everything from  Enterprise security to Cloud Services. 

Cenbion will meet or exceed  your company goals. We believe in honesty and integrity, and we will work to help you not only security your company, but help it grow. 

Image by National Cancer Institute
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