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Check out Some Cyber Security Insights from Microsoft and Services We offer! 



Cyber Security

Our Team steps in to provide an independent audit of your existing security & analyze whether management is being performed to industry standards, and evaluate your current IT Security Policy. 

We have all heard the horror stories of a data breach. The impact that exploited vulnerabilities have on an organization - both on the quality of care you provide and the confidence of staff and patients - can not be understated. 

We are now in the information age, and protecting our information is a high priority. A large part of Cyber Security is knowing your infrastructure and making sure all software and hardware are up to date because if it is out of date, there could be security vulnerabilities that have not been addressed. At Cenbion, we understand how to track down those vulnerabilities and remove them.


It is a principle of our company to provide independent audits. We are not beholden to a specific technology for the sake of profit. our greatest goal is your protection. Our recommendations on management and technology will be based on what is best for your organization and what will meet your goals. You can look at Cenbion as an insurance policy because we help you find the risk and remove it. We also assist in disaster recovery if a catastrophic event should occur. 

Security Assessment

  • System Health Check

  • Cyber Security Assessment

  • Infrastructure Mapping

  • Firewall Security Assessment

  • Mobile Security Assessment

  • Network Architecture Assessment

  • On-Site Security Assessment

  • Wireless Network Security Assessment

  • System Hardening

  • Penetration Testing

  • Best Practices Training and Support

Once, we have completed our assessment, we will bring you our findings and make recommendations based on best security practices. However, we don't just make recommendations, we explain why the changes need to be made and how it protects you from an attack.

Image by Shahadat Rahman
Image by David Travis
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