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License Services

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Our goal for you is empowerment! We empower you to make wise decisions. Licensing can be complicated, and at times, confusing, but it doesn't have to be. We are here to help. Cenbion has been helping clients navigate the complexities of Microsoft and Oracle for more than 10 years. Our collaborative approach makes the process painless, thorough, and fruitful.

A Phased Approach


The first stop is assessment. Both of us need to understand where your operation stands today. There are always surprises. Things that have been lingering in the darkness of a server that have been forgotten. It could be an expired trial, a server that you may be paying too much for, extra licenses you simply don't need, or a thousand other scenarios that could be racking up penalties and adding liabilities to your business. Our goal with an assessment is to know where you stand so we can configure a course of action. 

Take Action

In this phase, we take our consolidated understanding of your inventory and create a plan of action. This can be as simple as cleaning up an unused license, or may require a longer term engagement to create a clear path forward. Whatever the action, Cenbion follows best practices including ITIL and ISO standards, and corporate governance. 


In the end, we want you to have the knowledge to self-regulate. We are there to support you and answer questions at anytime, but through empowerment, you can ensure you avoid license risk and build on a stable foundation when the time comes for your company expansion. 

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